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If you are thinking of applying please complete an application form and feel free to contact us in game. The application process usually takes around two days perhaps more at the weekends. We raid Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays 9-12 server (8-11 UK) time. So please take this into consideration when applying if you wish to join the raid team.

We've opened up recruitment to all classes and spec, dual specs are very useful bearing in mind the new flexible sized raids.

Death Knight Death Knight Open
Druid Druid Open
Hunter Hunter Limited
Mage Mage Open
Monk Monk Open
Paladin Paladin Open
Priest Priest Open
Rogue Rogue Open
Shaman Shaman Open
Warlock Warlock Open
Warrior Warrior Open
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Zenith of Draenor

Zenith is a smallish & friendly, social raiding guild. This means we’re happy to take in social as well as raiding membership and there is no requirement or commitment to have to raid. To keep us all sane, we limit applications to ages 18 yrs or older, sorry if it doesn't fit for you, but it's the way we roll.
We intend to run Heroic content only (ie No Mythic) and wish to keep a raid team with flexible numbers of 10-20 people.

We believe we offer a unique, friendly, social raiding atmosphere where the emphasis is on fairness and an awareness that people have real lives and commitments. We tailor our raiding content to meet the needs of peoples experience and gear as opposed to banging our heads against progression content all the time. (Although this does happen from time to time :)). Raid times are friendly at 8-11 Uk, (9-12 server) on Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays to allow people time to get home from work, get kids to bed etc. WoD's new flexible raid size for Heroic fits our way of working just fine, allowing us to keep things fair and not focus on fixed raid teams.

If you do raid, then of course we still expect you to know your class and that you keep your gear up to date. We are also happy to have social members jump on the bandwagon and have a bit of relaxed raiding fun when we have encounters on farm

Primarily though, we just want to provide an environment where we can all relax and enjoy World of Warcraft. If you would like to join us, feel free to make an application and we'll get right on it.

Small Print

-Zenith has been active over 7 years, we are guild level 25, a very accessible guild bank, free guild repairs, Ventrilo and website/forums.

-We ask you all sorts of stuff if you apply, but that’s just because we want to establish what kind of membership you are looking for and to ensure that we share interests.

-If you wish to see our current progress please follow this link. ZENITH PROGRESS Note - We are 7/7 Highmaul Normal, 7/7 Heroic and 10/10 Blackrock Foundry Normal, 7/10 Heroic. Hellfire Citadel 10/13 Normal, 4/13 Heroic.

Members: don't forget to sign in with your char name as your username so that you can see the guild only sections in the forum, also remember that you will need to sign-in to the forum otherwise it will log you in as a guest.

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A bit more HFC progress!
09/08/2015 10:26 PM by cyanide

Quick update following a couple busy weeks in HFC. A very tense 'kill' of Hellfire Assault on Heroic gave us all a boost (solo pic below!) but was all we could manage before Iron Reaver put us in our place. The week after we pushed on with Normal mode and eeked out a very satisfying kill of Tyrant Velhari. There was almost a Xhul'horac kill on the cards but he never seemed to drop below 3% before burning us alive. Regardless, it was a great team effort by everyone :)


HFC - update
17/07/2015 07:36 PM by cyanide

After a pretty swift recruitment drive to boost our numbers we were able to pull together two productive raid nights and down 8/13, adding 3 more notches to the belt - namely Gorefiend, Iskar and Zakuun. This tier's normal mode appears to be far more forgiving, as it should be, as we learn the basic mechanics in preparation for the real challenge of Heroic modes.


Hellfire Citadel - Week 1
01/07/2015 09:28 PM by cyanide

Our first foray into HFC this week saw us finishing off the first 5 bosses on Normal. Certainly surprised ourselves given our typical rate of progress so early in a tier. The new and improved personal loot really helped the cause with plenty to go around. Gorefiend proved to be a step too far for week 1, but Kilrogg's death was a well co-ordinated effort worthy of a kill shot!


Maidens HC down (in the nick of time!) - thats 8/10 pre-6.2 :)
25/06/2015 06:32 PM by cyanide

The night before patch 6.2 hit, we finally banded together to salvage another HC kill before the nerf bat was swung. Took an age but we got there!


Black Forge in HC BRF cleared
22/05/2015 06:23 PM by cyanide

As we move closer to Blackhand in Heroic BRF, the Black Forge wing is cleared following a fantastic team effort on Kromog. Tons of patience and fast reactions as 'off off' spec tanks and healers step in during a tense finale. Great work :D


More News
Time to move on - HC Mar'gok finally down!

14/05/2015 10:25 PM

Blackhand down on Normal

03/05/2015 08:15 PM

Highmaul normal cleared.

27/01/2015 11:02 PM

Website and Ventrilo

23/10/2014 07:52 PM

Before we head to Draenor...

26/08/2014 04:40 PM


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